Brent’s Buckwheat Breakfast

You have to love a man who cooks…and cleans and does the hundreds of things Brent does! All this work along with his high metabolism produces an ever present appetite!  A couple of Sundays ago, Brent decided to make gluten free pancakes for breakfast to have along with bacon from the whole foods applewood bacon bar.

We used a boxed mix that called for two eggs and a bit of oil, but no other liquids to make about ten small pancakes.

Notice Tahoe hopes something will drop on the floor.  It is not going to happen this pancake morning. After a quick mix….a few added blueberries, and a super quick cook time…

Voila!  An irresistible breakfast, even for me, the coffee only gal.

Afterwords Brent said he thought the gluten free buckwheat pancakes were better than any pancakes he had ever eaten and I have to admit they were very good. Afterwards, the carbohydrate high nearly put me right back in bed!

This is what I felt like doing…

Or maybe it was like something more like this….

Going gluten free may make it difficult to go out for a weekend pancake breakfast at IHOP, but you can make your own IHOP (In Home Out-of-this-world Pancakes) and you won’t have to nap in the parking lot!

5 thoughts on “Brent’s Buckwheat Breakfast

  1. Triumph Dining just completed a survey of GF products – Pamela’s and Kinnickinnick mixes scored highest – so there are even better pancakes out there! I’ve had both of those and they’re very good.

    • Thanks Linda! We’ll definitely need to keep an eye on reviews like that. We did enjoy these pancakes, but are open to try others next time. And way to go on your book! Can’t wait to read it.

  2. Madge, I’m so glad Brent loves to cook. Way to go, Brent! Our Little Lady hangs out in the kitchen when I cook, too. Thankfully, she’s not under foot. She either lays on the fridge mat or in her “under the bench” nook. She is little, you know. If she stood where Tahoe is standing, she might become a pancake.

    • Hi Lydia! So good to hear from you. It’s kind of funny that you say you’re so glad that Brent loves to cook. Uh, maybe he loves to eat more than he loves to cook! But he’s pretty good in the kitchen , and such an awesome man. Would love to see you and your family and play with Lady and the kids!!

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