Advent Reflections: Christmas Season Daily Devotions

It’s with gratitude we offer the Wisdom and Faith Advent Reflections: Christmas Season Daily Devotions book.  Thanksgiving travel and preparations are underway and it’s time for seasonal focus on our coming King!  When I was a child we celebrated Advent faithfully during the four weeks before Christmas!  I can’t say I grasped the reason for the observance, nor did I focus on the coming of Christ. During most of my adult years we have not attended a church that lights Advent candles.

This devotional has:
– 4 full weeks of devotions
– is appropriate for any year (Christmas Day falls of varied days of the week)
– is an Advent devotional and (or) a Christmas devotional.

Over the last decade I increasingly yearned to see my Christmas season focus more intentionally toward Jesus. My heart stirred me to reevaluate traditions in our home.

The season…
…brings family together and grows relationships
…reminds us what giving really looks like
…shouts for more hope and joy
…is sacred, peaceful and inspiring.

We’d be honored if you join our family as we rejoice in Christ and his unfailing love to us and through us. If you observe the advent tradition at your church, try adding your own personal or family time to help clarify the focus in your home. If you haven’t done this before, maybe this year is an advent year (or a special ‘Christ-centered year) for you. If you choose not to light candles, enjoy the devotional during your Christmas season.

Get your devotional today!

What traditions does your family observe to point the season to Christ?


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