Hi! or Hey! As we say in the south, my name is Madge, aka Maggie…a blogger, author and speaker living life with my husband, Brent, who is undeniably the most unselfish spouse on the planet. We don’t have any children besides the three orphans we sponsor, but we do have my canine assistant, Twix…a great helper who makes us laugh and smile every day.

At Amelia Island

I happen to live life from a power wheelchair because of a spinal cord injury when I was 18 years old – it left me a complete C5-C6 tetraplegic (aka quadriplegic).  If you don’t know what that means you can look it up
here or hold on and learn more about my life in a chair as I share in this blog. It’s been great to turn in my Corporate America hat to a new life after over 20 years. A bit of my story of disability is detailed in this series:
Life Can Turn on a Dime.

My husband, Brent, was diagnosed with Celiac disease and we are living the gluten free life together. Additionally, I’ve struggled with digestive issues for years so we’ll share triumphs and failures in that arena.

Hope in Tough Times
Wisdom and Faith’s purpose is to provide hope, strength, inspiration, and ideas for people with life disruptions and disabilities – as well as for those who know people with challenging situations.  We can survive and thrive in our one life and hopefully we’ll get a laugh, a smile, a cry, and for pete’s sake, some interesting stories along the way.

Love God
I love God, and want to know him and help others know him.  He helps me through each day and gives me life, light and direction.

I am excited about our journey together!  Drop by with comments and ideas!  Help bring knowledge, wisdom and encouragement to others!


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