Better than Ice Cream? Talenti Gelato Review

I scream, You scream we all scream for…Gelato? What?

YES! Gelato!

Talenti, the best selling gelato in the US is moving its production headquarters only fifteen minutes from my house.  The day before I read the announcement of the move I wrote this review because of my enjoyment of this mouth-watering and delicious product. Now I am ready to tour the plant!

Truly Spectacular
I’m not a fanatical fan of ice cream and eat it only occasionally. When I do indulge I prefer the high end, high fat  brands like Haagen Das and other great rich and creamy delights on the market.  I’d rather have a couple spoonfuls of the good stuff than a bowl of so-so ice cream.

Recently, on a whim, we picked up a pint of Talenti’s Sea Salt Caramel Gelato from one of the last places I would expect to find such an incredible artisnal indulgence – Target.  The treat is also available at most retail grocers.

Its smooth creaminess outperforms ice cream any day of the week, and its caramel flavor pops an outrageous silky experience for the tongue. All the ingredients used are of exemplary quality.  ‘Dulce de leche’ deep caramel from Argentina,  chocolate from Belgium, fresh hormone free milk, fleur de sel sea salt from France and cane sugar.

What is Gelato?
In case you don’t know, gelato is similar to ice cream but because less air is whipped in it has a magical texture. It typically has more than 30% less fat than high end ice creams, but because of Its reduced air content it is not prone to ice crystal formation often battled in ice cream.

There is a greater proportion of whole milk to cream and it is churned at slower speeds than ice cream yielding a product that is super silky and lower in fat.

Often this treat is served at a slightly higher temperature than ice cream. Interestingly, my husband accidentally put the gelato in the refrigerator instead of the freezer overnight and the next day when I wanted ‘a bite’ I grabbed a spoon and was surprised at how it held it’s texture upon refreeze…and it was dangerously decadent in its refrigerated state too – I almost ate the remainder of the container.  Oh no, my occasional indulgence is turning into a daily routine.

Other Flavors
We tried the Double Dark Chocolate, and it was rich and tasty, but I didn’t prefer the incorporation of tiny dark chocolate flecks that disguised its smooth texture. Chocolate chip ice cream has never been my favorite, but the small chocolate caramel truffles in the Salted Caramel are delectable. I savor each one individually!

There has to be a flavor for everyone.  I’ve got my eye on the smooth chip free Belgium Milk Chocolate and the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup as well as a few sorbetto flavors

Perhaps the next time you crave a sensational treat, you will reach for one of Talenti’s delightful treasures. Enjoying the Sea Salt Caramel flavor is better than savoring a high quality salted caramel. If you like caramel I have no doubt it will not disappoint.

May all sweetness be added to your day, and for heaven’s sake try some Talenti’s Sea Salt Caramel Gelato, but be wise my friends or you might just get hooked.  -Madge

Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.
Proverbs 16:24 NIV