Better than Ice Cream? Talenti Gelato Review

I scream, You scream we all scream for…Gelato? What?

YES! Gelato!

Talenti, the best selling gelato in the US is moving its production headquarters only fifteen minutes from my house.  The day before I read the announcement of the move I wrote this review because of my enjoyment of this mouth-watering and delicious product. Now I am ready to tour the plant!

Truly Spectacular
I’m not a fanatical fan of ice cream and eat it only occasionally. When I do indulge I prefer the high end, high fat  brands like Haagen Das and other great rich and creamy delights on the market.  I’d rather have a couple spoonfuls of the good stuff than a bowl of so-so ice cream.

Recently, on a whim, we picked up a pint of Talenti’s Sea Salt Caramel Gelato from one of the last places I would expect to find such an incredible artisnal indulgence – Target.  The treat is also available at most retail grocers.

Its smooth creaminess outperforms ice cream any day of the week, and its caramel flavor pops an outrageous silky experience for the tongue. All the ingredients used are of exemplary quality.  ‘Dulce de leche’ deep caramel from Argentina,  chocolate from Belgium, fresh hormone free milk, fleur de sel sea salt from France and cane sugar.

What is Gelato?
In case you don’t know, gelato is similar to ice cream but because less air is whipped in it has a magical texture. It typically has more than 30% less fat than high end ice creams, but because of Its reduced air content it is not prone to ice crystal formation often battled in ice cream.

There is a greater proportion of whole milk to cream and it is churned at slower speeds than ice cream yielding a product that is super silky and lower in fat.

Often this treat is served at a slightly higher temperature than ice cream. Interestingly, my husband accidentally put the gelato in the refrigerator instead of the freezer overnight and the next day when I wanted ‘a bite’ I grabbed a spoon and was surprised at how it held it’s texture upon refreeze…and it was dangerously decadent in its refrigerated state too – I almost ate the remainder of the container.  Oh no, my occasional indulgence is turning into a daily routine.

Other Flavors
We tried the Double Dark Chocolate, and it was rich and tasty, but I didn’t prefer the incorporation of tiny dark chocolate flecks that disguised its smooth texture. Chocolate chip ice cream has never been my favorite, but the small chocolate caramel truffles in the Salted Caramel are delectable. I savor each one individually!

There has to be a flavor for everyone.  I’ve got my eye on the smooth chip free Belgium Milk Chocolate and the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup as well as a few sorbetto flavors

Perhaps the next time you crave a sensational treat, you will reach for one of Talenti’s delightful treasures. Enjoying the Sea Salt Caramel flavor is better than savoring a high quality salted caramel. If you like caramel I have no doubt it will not disappoint.

May all sweetness be added to your day, and for heaven’s sake try some Talenti’s Sea Salt Caramel Gelato, but be wise my friends or you might just get hooked.  -Madge

Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.
Proverbs 16:24 NIV

62 thoughts on “Better than Ice Cream? Talenti Gelato Review

  1. Not only does this Talenti company have amazing flavors! ! But they are a amazing company to work for. They took my daughter out of the parking lot and offer a job when things were so tough for her.a single mother of 3 with no real income with so little jobs available in this time of need. She took the job. They helped her achieve her goal and pull herself out of this hole she was in. I thank you Talenti!! You have given a mother piece of mine. And that’s a best tasting flavor not just anybody can make but you did. Love you! !

    • I have not tried it yet. I saw it for the first time at Walmart last week. I’ve read what everyone wrote. Honestly the container in the freezer department did not look very good to me. I am now not sure if I should try it. It would be nice if it was good and also less fattening. As I have been trying to find something I can eat that’s not loaded with calories.

      • never judge a book for it’s cover!
        so the saying goes
        I love gelato,
        you say “Honestly the container in the freezer department did not look very good to me”
        I will say Is very Simple !? muy sencillo.
        but I am no eating the container, I am eating the product
        * Talenti’s Sea Salt Caramel Gelato ” is a GEM and will buy it again, as well as try other flavors without Chocolate or Peanut Butter .

    • I love Talenti Sea Salt Carmel. I eat way to much but I don’t care. Sounds like they are a great company to. My husband picked some up at Sam’s Club and got me hooked. The fact that it is an American company makes it even better.

  2. I picked this up at Walmart the other day – just tried a bite today. WOW! Like Madge, I am now hooked on the Sea Salt Caramel also. Absolutely Incredible smooth taste. And I agree with the other point she made, I would rather have a couple spoonfuls of a great ice cream or gelato than a whole bowlful of something so-so. Will have to try some other flavors – the coconut may be next. If the Sea Salt Caramel is any indication, the other flavors should be phenomenal too.

  3. Grab the Caribbean coconut, quickly!! I bought the caramel for my spouse, it may disappear before he returns home. Happy with my splurge and happy I found this blog. May The Lord bless you!

  4. WOW! Fabulous treat, and then some!
    I have a business in the city, and it is a long, tiring, commute home to the ranch. I am always trying to find something fun and exceptional to bring home to eat, as there are no eateries in the rural area I live in. I get bored with the same ole cuisine, I treasure any special snack I can come up with, and this Talenti has impressed me in a very good way! Taleni takes the PRIZE!!
    Tonight I had my first taste of this divine delight, the ‘Caribbean Coconut’ and I had to stop myself from eating the entire container! YUM!!
    I will be buying some of the other flavors ASAP.
    I added some fresh berries to my Caribbean Coconut, and I have to tell you, it is the best dessert I have had in a very, very long time.

  5. Not a big fan of ice cream. My kid bought Ben & Jerry’s and I saw the container for the sea salt & caramel and decided to give the gelato a try. The creamy flavor was unlike any frozen treat I have ever tasted. I’m definitly a fan and will purchase this product again. Bon Appetit!

  6. Talenti was recommended to me today and although I’m not huge ice cream fan, on a whim I decided to give it a try (as you can see I wasted no time). I picked up the Sicilian Pistachio. Oh my goodness gracious…delicious! Everything you described in this post is accurate. The creaminess of the gelato by far supersedes that of ice cream. Also, the ingredients are simple: milk, sugar, cream, pistachios, carob gum, vanilla, natural flavors. Yum, yum, yum. The Alphonso Mango is next on my list of flavors to try and then I will delve into the decadent chocolates. 🙂

  7. Do all of you work for this company? I see all of this praise… but what I ate wasn’t up to par. I bought a pint of Mediterranean Mint out of curiosity. I maybe indulge once every month or two in a pint of my favorite brand, but saw this and decided to give it a try. This was nothing near the true gelato I’ve had in the past. The texture was really off, it was very grainy. The flavor was pretty good but the texture killed it. I’m feeling a little robbed. I could have had my favorite brand/flavor for $1 less.

    • It’s not just you. I tried the mint and the raspberry bars, and neither was up to par. In fact, I thought the mint was absolutely awful, and the raspberry bars ended up with a grainy texture in my freezer despite what others have said here. The double chocolate bars I tried were good, and worth what I paid for them (on sale), but not great. However, I agree with the people who have posted here that the sea salt caramel (I bought the bars, not the tub) was excellent. One of the best salted caramel-flavored desserts I’ve ever had, if not the best.

    • I don’t work for them & never heard of them until this weekend. My local grocer HEB hD a special 1.50 off each pint so i tried tge Caramel Apple Pie and Caramel Chocolate Crunch.

      BOTH were AMAZING!

      TGE caramel apple pie has small pieces of apple pie and tastes like an awesome, creamy apple cobbler over ice cream.

      The caramel chocolate crunch has what seems like pieces of nestle crunch in it mixed with a hint of caramel.

      Im a lover of Blue Bell and Häagen-Dazs but if price were equal Talenti would win out hands down.

  8. Don’t eat much ice cream but my son loves it, just picked up Banana Chocolate Swirl & Belgian Milk Chocolate at Walmart despite being 4.48 each. All I can say is wow!! Love both of them.

  9. The difference between Gelato and Ice cream is that Gelato is made with milk and Ice cream is made with cream. That’s the difference. and becasue Gelato is made with milk instead of cream the fat content goes down.

  10. I tried the Belgian Milk Chocolate, and it seemed to be made with high quality chocolate, but it was way too sweet. In fact, I couldn’t really taste the chocolate for the overwhelming sweetness. I also tried the Double Dark Chocolate and the Coffee Chip. They’re both good, but would be better without the chocolate flakes. There were so many chocolate flakes in both that they took away from the flavor of the gelato. Again, the double chocolate one was made with a very high quality chocolate unlike my two favorite ice cream brands. All three were extremely creamy after I let them sit out for a while and melt down a bit. (I always do that with my ice cream.) One thing that I’ve noticed about this brand is that it’s very high on sugar content. Most of the flavors range from 25-37 g of sugar per serving. My favorite brand averages between 16-19. Overall, it ‘s a good product, but some flavors are too sweet and a little grainy.

  11. I had tried a spoonful of the caramel with sea salt about two weeks ago and I found it to be fantastic. I asked my friend to buy another flavor for me tonight and when I received it, it looked like it had been melted and refrozen because it was frozen in the cup but vertically. I had it, and it seemed not creamy and had a lot of ice crystals. I wanted to know whether anyone else had this one and should it be icy, or creamy, like Hagen daz?

  12. I have never written a voluntary review in my life, but had to finally go out of the box for this amazing product! I am NOT an ice cream lover by far and would only have it occasionally if I was in the mood. My daughter bought Talenti gelato (peanut butter cup) for her boyfriend and accidentally left it in our freezer)…needless to say, I’m truly obsessed! I ate 4 pints in one weekend and cannot get enough! I have never been so crazy about anything! I’m not even a huge sweet/dessert eater!! Last Saturday, I told myself I would have to limit myself to one pint a week only if I did “good” on eating habits throughout the week! I ran to Whole Foods right as they were closing…I begged the employee to open the door as I only needed one item (embarrassing!). They did not have my flavor and I was so disappointed! I even talked to the manager to make sure they continue carrying my flavor! Who the heck am I? I’ve never ever been this insane regarding anything!! My family is getting a real kick out of it all! Anyway, Talenti Gelato (especially the peanut butter cup) is the absolute BEST thing I have ever tasted! You have to try it yourself, but beware…you will be hooked!!!

    • Your review is hilarious. “Who the heck am I?” I’m not sure I can answer that but hopefully it’s a phase. No one wants to gain 15 lbs from gelato. That is my concern because I find it so decadent! It’s also too expensive to buy all the time so that will curb my appetite. I like the Tahitian vanilla. There’s just something about it. Interestingly, it has a bit of lemon in it, which may be it. It also has flecks of vanilla bean. Awesome. Real and simple ingredients without the fake garbage they try to sell us most of the time. Again, funny review. I enjoyed it! 😀

  13. HORRIBLE CHIP OVERLOAD in the Double Dark Chocolate! What is WRONG with the clueless imbeciles at Talenti? Do they not read internet reviews?
    Everyone I know agrees with me that the big shards of chocolate ruin this gelato. WE DO NOT WANT MINI CANDY BARS IN GELATO OR ICE CREAM!
    The “Milk Chocolate” is sickly sweet and has zero chocolate flavor.

    ALL of their flavors have TOO MUCH SUGAR, period. I only buy the Coconut and Banana Chocolate Swirl now and even though the banana has chocolate shards in it, the shards are tiny miniscule shavings that don’t interfere with the texture.

    What a shame that no one in the US can produce acceptable commercial gelato….I’ve tried them all and Talenti is better than the rest but still disappoints on too many levels.
    Apparently the posters on here have never had true Italian gelato that is made and served at the proper temperature and texture and that is NOT overloaded with additions like a freaking candy bar.

  14. I had the double chocolate chunk tonight and it was amazing!!!.I didn’t want to put it down. The chocolate chunks was a bit much at first but honestly I enjoy them now. I think the amount of chunks is great, just what I pay for. We can sometimes complain if we don’t get enough and complain if we get too much, but.I rather get too much than not enough. However, if you’re going to use a lot of chunks please scale back on of the sugar ……….no splenda crap though. Thanks. Amazing, great tasting chocolate flavor, and I normally not a chocolate ice cream girl

  15. I’ve been addicted to the Talenti Carmel Cookie Crunch Gelato for months now ever since my Grandmother introduced me to it.. Except for the price, I love it.. But today I bought one and when I ate some of it, it seemed to have a strange grainy texture that I’ve never come across before in the Carmel Cookie Crunch.. I’m assuming that is definitely not supposed to be there.. Does anyone know why this is?? I was afraid to eat anymore, not knowing what was in it, especially since my 9 month old son shares a few spoon fulls with me..

    • I think sometimes the manufacturer is blamed, when it could be a case of improper handling by the distributor or vendor. Ice crystals could form from allowing the product to thaw and then refreeze, for example, which may explain the graininess.

  16. You should try the Tahitian Vanilla Bean it is SENSATIONAL!! An there are no little beanie pieces that I hate in Vanilla Bean Ice Cream!!

  17. Just tried this and hated it. It’s too sweet. I almost can’t taste anything else because of the overwhelming sugariness of it. Those blobs of caramel floating around just made it sweeter. And I certainly can’t taste any salt in it. I actually sprinkled a little kosher salt on it to see if it would bring out the flavors (a slight improvement). For salted caramel, I much prefer Full Tilt’s version. Not too sweet, just enough salt to give it a kick.

  18. I am hooked!!!! Hooked!!!! Hooked!!!! I find myself eating Talenti on a daily basis. I Hardly ate icecream before, but I can’t stop eating Talenti . This is too addictive. Yummy yummy . So far my favorites are the double dark chocolate and pistachio and the vanilla

  19. Many of you are critics of too much sweetness; I am neither a sweet-tooth nor a chocolate fiend, but I have found myself digging into Talenti’s Sea Salt Caramel gelato (which my 12 year old son adores) more often than I care to admit. I normally have very strong self control over what goes into my mouth, but the flavor of Talenti Sea Salt Caramel just slays me.

  20. I picked up a pint of the Tahitian Vanilla Bean a few days ago to satisfy a craving. The packaging was interesting, and figured why not give it a try.

    Big disappointment. The vanilla does taste like real vanilla beans, but taste like vanilla beans that have long gone off and should have been discarded. Sort of a hint of “dirty sock” for lack of a better description.

    I am getting the impression that it is more hype and packaging than actual attention to quality, fresh ingredients.

    Save your money.

    • This is EXACTLY how I feel about this ice cream. It’s AWFUL. each flavor I’ve tried has rancid old taste. MN seems the positive reviews in here are being paid for

  21. I have breezed through the majority of these reviews and one thing has become clear, you all have NO clue what an authentic Italian Gelato is! NOT A CLUE!. THIS IS NOT, IN ANYWAY SHAPE OR FORM A REAL GELATO! I Very rarely have had a REAL Gelato in the USA. A few times in New York over the past 20 years I think. There is a fantastic Gelato place in Vienna’s 1st district but that is again not the USA. Every time I did find a great Gelato place it was in New York AND it had lines around the block. Each one closed down too soon and I know at least three of them the owner returned to Italy. One that was on Long Island was great, this was about 10 years ago. The owners were Italian and seemed not to care if people came or they did not. There Gelato was GREAT!!!! However they would be open and close with hours of “when they felt like it”. They are back in Italy!
    Talenti is a JOKE and should not ever be called by the Italian word “Gelato” because people who know understand that it is not, I am sure the owners of Talenti know this too. Talenti is a typical American Ice cream of medium quality and of course too sweet with too many stupid flavor mixes to suit the American. Eat up!

  22. Blues Bell Lover now converted to Talenti LOVER! Sooo good – I just bought the caramel cookie crunch and it’s AMAZING!!!! Where have Talenti been all my life and love the different flavors. I plan to eat them all!

  23. What are all the accolades about? This stuff doesn’t taste anything like gelato or EVEN decent ice cream. Shove something in a small container, jack up the price, give it a foreign name and people think it is quality. This gelato is NOT. It is NOT pure. It doesn’t taste like any gelato I’ve ever gotten at any real gelato shop that has delicious gelato with amazing flavors. It has those gross thickeners in there, same as your average Safeway brand. Plus it tastes like it is all puffed up with air – not dense and delicious like real gelato. What a disappointment! I was a sucker for the packaging. Don’t you be.

  24. Just had the chocolate peanut butter cup.
    Did taste like a Wendy’s Frosty.
    I had real gelato one time in Carmel, CA. it was amazing. I was hoping this would remind me of that. Not even close.

  25. Can’t wait until talent goes out of business and quits ripping people off with their cute packaging. Awful ice cream. Total garbage. All the positive reviews in here are paid for

  26. just picked up a Talenti after trying it when it first came out

    it’s not the same – it is overpriced whipped ice cream similar to that awful Edy’s whipped ice cream which contains 50 percent air

    Talenti ‘gelato’ is NOT gelato, doesn’t have the texture of real gelato and really isn’t even very good ice cream

    i want my money back after being ripped off! won’t buy this ever again!

  27. Just bought this talenti flavor. Looks like the downgraded quality of ingredients. Tasty but not amazing. Ingredients list different from photo above

  28. I bought Talenti for the first time today. Coffee Choclate Chip. The flavor is good but it’s equal to other coffee ice creams I’ve eaten. I do like the texture. Its very smooth and very creamy. But….the two main “selling points” I’ve read about, that it’s made with less air which prevents ice crystals and that it has less fat than ice cream dont seem to be true. When I opened it, the entire top was covered in ice crystals. For a 1/2 cup serving, this stuff has 240 calories with 13g fat. The Blue Bell cookies and cream in my freezer has 180 calories with only 9g fat for the same serving size, 1/2 cup. Not only does Blue Bell have less calories and fat, there’s 16 servings for close to the same price as Talenti with only 4 servings. Blue Bell wins!

  29. Erythritolt ! In my vanilla cinnamon. Talenti is just another gabage mass produced big corporate company. Never buy again….

  30. This stuff is DISGUSTING. The texture is GROSS and the taste is mostly icky. It’s FAR too sweet and contains WAY too much crap no one should EVER eat. I have tried 3 flavors and they are all horrible. Will never eat this garbage again, no matter how many times the hubby buys it.

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