Why Men Hate Going to Church

I drafted a note about this book and totally planned to write about it someday…well, I wanted to listen to it again, take notes, and think about it some more. Then I went to church last Friday night… Guess what book was highlighted? The Bible? Ha! Well, yes, but also Why Men Hate Going to Church. This little treasure is a must read for men and women.

My husband picked up this book on audible.com after he saw one of our church pastors post a note on Facebook. He had read it three times. My husband had listened to three chapters by the time he got home and he related to this book!  The title may be Why Men Hate Churchalarming, and rightfully so, as the book makes a sharp analysis of much of today’s church culture and leaves you with plenty to think about.

Yes, there are generalizations to sort through, but if you read the bible, you can’t deny that Jesus, while bearing the fruit of the spirit – love, joy, peace, etc…..was also bold, challenging, competitive, courageous and argumentative and our churches need to evaluate their ‘man-friendliness’.

Maybe you’ll get a laugh out of a quote from the pastor’s sermon.

On sermon length…’When your butt goes to sleep so does your brain‘.

On man to man contact…’I am done hugging’ and ‘Men don’t have relationships, they have partners.’ He had everyone engaged and laughing with his manly delivery as only David Monson can!

…and on a more serious note, Pastor Monson shared that men want to be reliable, they want to be leaders, and they want to be spiritual fathers.  He encouraged us to go see the movie Courageous (Brent and I have seen it, and even went to the theater for this one).

My eyes were opened by this book and it gave me some new insights and appreciation for men, especially my manly husband.

– Madge