Tahoe and a Family Trip

It wouldn’t be a trip to Florida if we didn’t stop and see our ninety-eight year old Aunt in Tampa. In the beginning of each year Brent has a meeting in Orlando and we add a couple days to our travel so we can swing over to Tampa to see her. This year we had another opportunity over spring break when we went to Clearwater Beach with my brother, Brian and his family during spring break.

Aunt DicksieShe is not as spry as she used to be, but she reads two newspapers each day and does the crossword puzzles. She often reads the latest books before we do.

Leah and Maya enjoyed time with their old Auntie, and Leah volunteered to come visit me regularly when I got old. I like that she doesn’t think I’m already old!

I had to include this picture with my sister-in-law Ann. She is so ‘purty’ but never likes anyone to photograph her. I could do a whole album of pictures where she avoids the camera like this:

My brother, Brian, cuddles with Tahoe!
Can we say completely spoiled puppy? Tahoe doesn’t look like much of a helper dog, but I desperately miss him when I drop my keys or phone or toothbrush or money or protein bar or peach!

It is so wonderful when holidays can be shared with family……

This is how Tahoe wakes his cousins, Maya and Leah, on Easter morning! ‘He is Risen…you guys need to get out of bed!’
Leah and Maya make me smile – I love them so much.

A week in Clearwater is full of many trips to the beach where sisters make memories!

Maya buried Leah one day…

Five trips to our favorite restaurant, Columbia, were all delightful and yummy experiences! Their  ‘Original 1905 Salad’ was enjoyed at every meal.  Check out the recipe here.

Wish all five siblings and their families could have joined us. I think of them so often and pray for them regularly. Hopefully another time!

I treasure times with my family. So thankful for them and for beach memories…and Ha! another great photo of Ann with her incredible family!

Cheers and prayers for treasured family moments. Hope you have summer plans to make memories with your family.

It is truly wonderful when relatives live together in peace. Psalm 133:1 (CEV)

-Blessings, Madge