A ‘Corny’ Gift for Brent’s Birthday

Yesterday was my love’s birthday.

My husband it amazing.  People may not understand at a glance how unselfish, loving and giving he is.   He ‘speaks when it matters’ and gives thought and weight to his words and actions.  He is a generous, emotionally steady, wise man, and I love him more each day.

I still can’t believe he married me. He took on a lot of responsibility and gave up a measure of freedom that most people wouldn’t ever ‘choose’.  He chose me. Wow!  Who knew that someone like Brent would love me and marry me? Thank you Lord for the gift of my husband who exhibits Christ-like love.  The last eleven years of marriage have been a blessing, and I’m delighted to be his wife and partner and to celebrate his birthday with him!

This year I planned a special snack for him in place of a cake. He loves treats, in fact, for a few years I made sure he had a homemade plain pound cake for his birthday. Our friends found out about his pound cake fetish and began delivering them for him.  One birthday we had four! This year he was destined for a ‘pound cake break’ and would get a variety of high quality popcorn from the wonderful Costco website as a creative substitute.

Last week a box arrived – it had to be popcorn!  YES, it was beloved popcorn….. but NOT from me….it was from Brent’s thoughtful sister, Linda!  Generously, she sent two big tubs of his favorite world famous Fisher’s popcorn in Maryland.  Each piece is perfectly coated with caramel.  My heart sank a bit as I realized my great idea was the new ‘pound cake’! Concerns were short-lived because a couple days later we had a roaring laugh when the second round of popcorn arrived!

We already had a bag of kettle corn in the pantry to add to our collection!

Oh, I didn’t mention the purchase of forty mini popcorn cones to give as small Christmas gifts!  Our popcorn cup runneth over.

Look at all the flavors!

Jalapeno and Cupcake flavors?  Really?

What IS the difference between Kettle Corn and Caramel Corn? I see a taste test in my future.  By the way, I highly recommend the Zebra flavor with white and dark chocolate!

Guess what our friends and family may get from us for Christmas?