I’m in Charge of Butter

The other day we ran out of butter; I failed our household.

Don’t we all occasionally fall on our faces not believing what dire circumstances we have caused by not staying on top of details?  …but please not the butter.

Brent is in charge of keeping up with the status of our milk supply (please don’t judge me, I seriously never drink it), he takes care of the trash, he often cooks and cleans up, he cuts the grass, helps me with…well let me think…he helps me with just about everything! Oh yeah, it seems like I could say he is ‘in charge of the whole house!’ (It’s all an illusion, I tell you.)

My job is to ensure that we don’t run out of butter!

We have been married almost twelve years and we have never once…not once… run out of butter until this day. I could make excuses like, ‘We were busy with a shower and other engagements this past weekend or we have been very busy with all manner of life…even some critical and consuming issues. But none of these excuses are adequate.

I recognized my failure when the simple porcelain butter dish revealed this sight for sore eyes:20120428-215445.jpg

Brent: ‘Hey chickie, we are out of butter!’
I think: No it can’t be true. I know we have a pound or two in the freezer.
Me: ‘…Let me look…’ I didn’t flinch…I wasn’t even rattled as I peered into the recesses of the freezer certain there was more butter. But I could not believe my eyes; there was no butter!

Brent immediately suggested that I seek counseling.

Technically we were not really out of butter as there was one lonely pat which we were not allowed to eat until we got more butter. I hid it under lock and key…because our house is never out of butter.

…without butter we can’t make cream cheese frosting
…without butter we suffer through our baked and mashed potatoes
…without butter Brent’s gluten-free waffles are almost inedible

Even though I haven’t eaten butter this week, with the exception of my strawberries with cream cheese frosting, I know the house is fully stocked because now we have butter. My need for counseling has vanished.

This butter episode, while humorous and a bit satirical, reminds me of how often the small things in life are more of a challenge to face, to admit, and to surrender than major difficulties. Little showers of rain catch me off guard – I think I can handle them and resist taking time to spread a necessary layer of grace on them. But I find it easy to allow God to slather me with grace when the thunderous storms intrude.

My life is better knowing butter is available. I know it’s there when I need it for a tiny roll or for a monster recipe of frosting….and my life is better when I grasp the amazing grace available in all the little details, the showers and the storms I encounter.

Grace and peace to you today in all things that come your way… – Madge

Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. Heb. 4:16