The Wonder and Wisdom of Cayenne Pepper

Many articles have been written about cayenne pepper and its benefits yet i’m compelled to write another one. Wow! I would’ve gone through less testing and chronic discomfort if I had known about this miracle powder three or four years ago.

My symptoms included all kinds of digestive problems which often triggered cold sweats. Yuk…let’s not talk about them (but if you should want a more detailed discussion – email me). I tried yogurt, probiotics, enzymes, elimination diets where I only ate bananas, rice, and applesauce and a bit of chicken for what seemed like weeks. Multiple trips to the doctors and many tests by the GI specialist revealed nothing but low salt/electrolytes and a lack of protein which was understandable with my symptoms.

It’s frustrating when you feel like you have no where to go for a chronic medical problem that you just know has an answer. The diagnosis was IBS (in my mind it was I‘ve Been Sentenced). Basically, ‘We are sorry we can’t help you.’

Last October, my hero husband told me about some cayenne pepper pills he had bought to help him, and he thought I should give them a try (you know from my prior post he had undiagnosed Celiac disease). Wow, we sound like we were a mess, but we functioned quite well even with our undiagnosed maladies!

The cayenne didn’t change the way he felt, but it was nothing short of a miracle for me! Within a day or two I was 90% better!! No going back now! Who knew hot cayenne in my stomach would make me feel better and not worse? I guess many people already had figured this out, but I had either never come across this research or was unwilling to accept that it could possibly help. Admittedly, when Brent suggested it, I was merely appeasing him and really didn’t think cayenne would help.

I’m not promising results for others, because I think it’s one of those things you have to try, but a friend of mind that had ongoing headaches has also had great results with cayenne.

The Solaray Cool Cayenne 40,000 HU capsules at Whole Foods is what we buy, but you can use the loose powder or buy a liquid form as well.

Cayenne has been used as an alternative medicine for years to fight infection, improve circulation, prevent heart problems and help digestion. Apparently, the capsaicin in the powder increases blood flow and research is widely available on the Internet. It’s a wonder that reading many forums never brought me to information touting cayenne!

My personal experience fervently attests to cayenne’s benefits. I feel so much better. ..and an added side effect is that it has reduced my cold natured tendency. Incidentally, when my Rehab Specialist heard how cayenne helped me, he was VERY interested and took notes on the information to share with his fellow MDs at the Shepherd Center! You have to love a doctor who is willing to incorporate alternative approaches.

My truly unbelievable experience with cayenne will hopefully help others! My habit is to take one capsule in the morning and sometimes a second capsule in the afternoon. Occasionally the capsule’s contents are sprinkled on my food for a little spiciness! Reportedly, it is good to taste the heat because it alerts the stomach that something hot is on the way, but I haven’t noticed any improved results from using it as a seasoning.

Give it a try! Geez! I’m thankful to God (and Brent) that I did!

‘If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God who gives generously to all’ ~James 1:5