Ideas for Advent Candles

Don’t have advent candles? No problem! You can make a set up of your own advent wreath/candles to enjoy a rich advent experience in your home.

For the past few years I bought “official” advent tapers from an online Christian bookstore and put them in a brass candle stick that holds five candles.
Adventweek 1

Certainly local stores have candles and wreaths you can purchase but a DIY option might be just for you. Traditionally there are three purple, one pink and one white candle. Each week an additional candle is lit. Weeks 1,2 and 4 use purple and week 3 uses the pink to represent joy. Finally the white candle is lit along with the others on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day

Variations for candles:
1. Some churches use red candles to match seasonal colors.
2. This year I am using all white votive candles as I really like their look and flexibility and we have plenty of them if some need replacement over the course of the season. Plus, I just want something different!

I suggest you use the color scheme and candle type that fit you and your home best.

There are many ideas for wreaths and candles and a few are on my Pinterest board.

Please share your creative Advent ideas…and don’t forget to extinguish your candles before you leave the house or go to bed,

With hope, ~Madge