Good For More Than The Brain

In past years I liked to take on a chapter of scripture.  Just one chapter…not two or three…to memorize and master.  It’s a habit my pastor started us on years back.  Well, I guess we sometimes get bored of a routine and need a change because I noticed myself getting lazy about my focus on my memory work for a few years.  That is why I was excited to jump on a new system for the year…I joined up with one of my favorite teacher’s blog followers to memorize two verses a month.  I sent out an email to recruit friends to do it with me, and two responded.  One of them is still working on it with me, but I’m hoping for more next year.

Maybe you will consider joining me.  It’s a ‘pick your own verse’ situation – although you would be welcome to join me in my verse.  My friend, Naomi, let’s me choose, she’s a better delegator than I am.  In fact, it’s time for me to pick a new verse…ahhh let’s see…OK, I’m back…

All my longings lie open before you, O Lord; my sighing is not hidden from you.
Psalm 38:9 NIV

Come on, join me, if not now, in January 2012.  Good for the brain and good for the spirit and soul.


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