Time to Review

The pumpkins and fall foliage remind me that the year will be over before we know it! I want to make the most of these last 2 1/2 months and in thinking about this, I knew a ‘goal review’ was in order.  What ‘unfinished’ priorities would pop off my goal list and potentially surprise me?

My goal review and reflection is too infrequent. God’s grace made this year’s reflection an encouraging one. As I contemplate, the reality of how important it is to review my goals becomes crystal clear. A review reminds, confirms and encourages.

Today, I remind my friends who join me in a scripture memorization goal that it is important to review what we have already memorized. My system uses a good bit of time to review what I have etched in my  gray matter (exercise time goes by quickly while quoting verses). In fact, I’ve been known to take a month off from new scriptures to remind, confirm and encourage myself in past scriptures. Regular scripture review is imperative even if I’m in the midst of new verses.  If too much time elapses between reviews, rust has often crept into my mind particularly on a reference or on the infamous ‘blank out’ words that often cause me a stumble.  Keeping words fresh helps me apply them more intentionally in my daily life.

We all need encouragement and support.  I love and appreciate you, my memory partners, who help spur me on in this discipline.

This year’s solid hold on memorizing scripture has been a most important goal for me. With soberness and grace it has helped me accomplish so many other goals in it’s rippling wake.  These words really are alive and active!

I pray you will join me as a partner in my journey of scripture memorization and goal setting..and regular reviews of both.

Enjoy the fall season – Madge


New Seasons, Real Life, and Plans Revisited

July is a great month! I hate to see it end!

In North America Everyone is in the depths of their summer.

I love July.
I love summer.
I love  family and fireworks.
I love warm weather.

Enjoying the warm outdoors, warms my soul!
This summer I hosted a neighborhood Kelly Minter bible study on the book of Nehemiah (highly recommend it and will write a review soon). As I prepared for the last meeting I was struggling, and it seemed like there was nothing that could lift my heavy heart.

Oddly, the homework for the last chapters of Nehemiah included a discussion on how life tends to make full circles and often brings us back to similar places and different circumstances. We are given second chances, and boy do we need them.

As August begins, I continue to have a slight funk about me and need a second chance. I want to make the rest of this year count. I want to treat August like it is January. A fresh start.  Why not review my goals and consider new goals to add or old ones to change?  As I complete one season and prepare for another, my heart is committed to make this fall and winter special. It is all too easy to lack focus and exuberance as I approach the end of the year.

Scripture memorization is one of my 2012 goals.  My memorization goal through the month of July is complete. Hooray! Let’s celebrate!  Uh… Not so fast….The problem is that I don’t have another plan. Sure, one can just take a favorite scripture here or there and work on it, but I want a new focused plan. Since my 2012 one word is ‘decide‘, I am on the verge of making a decision. Remember the old Yogi Berra said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”

I’d love to hear how you handle this time of year as school starts, seasons change and holidays rapidly approach. Do you lose sight of goals you made back in January? Do you renew and review?

Here’s my suggestion for a great verse to memorize.

Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers victory it’s sure. Prov. 15.22

Love to you… and success with your plans…


Daily Audio Bible Review – A Favorite Podcast & App

Listening to the Daily Audio Bible (DAB) podcast is not a way to do in depth study but it is a consistent everyday meal of scriptures. It’s a healthy habit for me to listen to it during sleepless nights, early mornings, or drive times. I like to read along whenever possible.

Different Podcasts in the Family

Daily Audio Bible (DAB) – This is the hallmark podcast and my favorite in the family. It includes a portion of Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs each day by using the ‘One Year ® Bible’ reading plan. I like to couple the audio with reading the bible via the Youversion App which I previously reviewed. The ‘English’ version narrator, Brian Hardin, introduces books of the bible with brief background information and often interjects brief, amusing, yet insightful comments.

If you have friends or family who don’t speak English they may enjoy the Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Hindi versions.

DAB Proverb – Includes one of the 31 Proverbs each day. You have to love the wisdom that is packed in a few short minutes.

DAB Kids – Includes just the daily New Testament reading from the DAB podcast – it is read for kids, and by kids. It’s upbeat and energetic- occasionally I listen to little Max and China read, and if there were young ones in our home, this would be a

fabulous daily inspiration.

I’ve listened to this podcast for several years via the iPhone’s podcast subscriptions for free, however, they recently released a $.99 app which I purchased for this review. It lends easy access to audio content as well as the corresponding text.

If you’ve ever had an inclination to get through the bible in a year this may become your favorite podcast. It’s a great idea for a ‘new year’ activity to enjoy with a friend or family member. Let me know if you’d like to partner with me in reading/listening to the bible in 2012!

Check out the website at www.dailyaudiobible.org.

Merry Christmas and a scripture filled New Year!